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Friday, February 09, 2007

Tucker Maxx is back... fucking you up.

I cant believe after not posting for 7 months over 100 people a day still come here. Just for you Im back to posting and being the hot shit that I am.

Im going to start posting pictures and stories of the girls I fuck. Starting with the "Girls of 2007" then working backwards. Its going to be hot.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Holy Shit - Tucker Maxx is back and nastier than ever.

Just kidding faggot. Im sick of that im back shit that I see all over the place. Where have I been? Well sweet lips thats none of your fucking business. I have a life, one that doesnt revolve around the net or blogspot.

Ok now that I have said that, I missed you. I really did, I missed updating for 3 people and missed all the great comments by the brains that come here. Now, here is a test, which of the above was a lie?

Well if you guessed the part where I said "I missed you".. your not only wrong but youre fucking gay..cause only a gay guy would want me to say that...faggot.

Anyway lets get back on track, Im moving this shit shack to a real domain, one that doesnt PIMP that pussy Tucker, every time i post. So stay tuned and to the 3000 people that have come here since july 1, get ready.

this post was typed in under 3 minutes and not proof read. fuckstick

Friday, April 28, 2006

Last Update until whenever I fucking feel like it.

Can you guess who's camel toe this is???

Well since I dont know how to do the whole "after the jump" thing I guess I'll just have to give you the answer here... ITs Jessica "the lips" Simpson... Get it... Lips.. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

What in the holy that is all holy fuck is Jamie Pressley doing here? I have no idea but if doing a cock tuck turns her on and would get me in her private place, then you should look at me right now...Buffalo Bill aint got shit on me!

Whitney Houston has just signed a deal...

Whitney Houston is set to star in the upcoming D.A.R.E movie. At first when she read the title of the project she refused, even though she thinks "Crack is Whack". Producers for the movie, backed by HighTimes, told her that D.A.R.E in this case means Drugs Are Really Excellent, to which Whitney agreed. On both issues. That drugs are in fact excellent and that she would do the project. Shooting has begun, and an Uncle Tucker fan got this picture of Whitney before and after makeup.

Is there a category in the Oscars for Best Make-Up, cause the person that pulled this transformation off is a genius. She really does look like a crack addict, its a good thing that no one has ever been able to produce the receits of her drug buys.

Update: I just found out that artist responsible for Whitney's awesome make over is Bobby Brown... hmm never heard of him.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

You want beauty ...

Well then Uncle Tucker will give you beauty...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Anna Benson Nude ...

If you dont know who Anna Benson is then you never heard of Major League Baseball. Personally I hate watching that shit. Its up there with hanging with your grandparents and working 9-5 on the FUCKING IM ABOUT TO KILL MYSELF TO ESCAPE THIS BOREDOM scale. Seriously even with pounding beers and trying to get some stadium sex I still cant make it through a whole game. Anyway Anna Benson was a stripper before she married pitcher Chris Benson and before the fake titties. Basically she was a pole swinging coke whore. Not that there is anything wrong with that but that's besides the point. But if you're a straight dude, balls intact, you'll notice she's fucking hot. Now lets play a game, can you guess which one is from 1993?

Ah I love it when nudie pics get discovered. Anna don't bother having your attorney contact me, Im not taking it down. Not to mention, you were a stripper for how long????

Picking up steam...

I am popular again. Im not sure if its the Sex Tape of a Sports Illustrated/Super Model that's doing it or the fact that im fucking awesome and people sometimes just forget. Im pretty sure its the latter. Since you have all taken an interest once again, I feel as though I should be giving you all a good reason for loving me. So after checking out the web for shit to steal from other people this is all I have come up with... I guess Ill just give you a rundown of whets going on in the world. Well atleast what I think is important anyway.

Wanna hear about Darth Dingleberry. Click Picture for story.

This little fucker went to school as Darth Douchebag, and instead of a glock, he went with a bb gun. Fucking dark side man...Really slipping these days.

My best buddy, Ed just opened up a Male Hair Salon(he's gay..just kidding, he's bi), he asked his girls that cut the hair to show him their best work. This what they came up with.. I think next time he'll use a test subject rather than himself

Wanna see how you would go about becoming Siamese twins with one of your friends? It really easy, alls you need is a your buddy, a pipe and a 40 mph collision. OUCH

If you have never gone to gorilla mask to check out Ryan's enormous penis, I mean Boobie Collection, you should. You know what they say about a guy with lots of he's ah got hairy palms... i got nothing. But he has the porn. LOTS OF PORN

Wanna see the chick who is suing Chris Rock, yeah men neither UNTIL I found out she was NEKKID...

Cindy Juggs Margolis is doing playboy and Denise Juggs Richards is a crazy whore. Read about them both at one of favorites,

Ok fuckers that should keep you busy for a little while. You just got the total package, humor, news, celebrity gossip and jerky jerk material. Im the best I know.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Carolyn Murphy has a sex tape now I have it TOO.

Carolyn Murphy is the face of Estee Lauder, a top super model and SI(Sports Illustrated) swim suit cover girl. Man when I was kid I remember when the swim suit edition came, I use to run up to my bathroom, put the shower on as cover, and furiously rough up the subject. Of course I was only 12 or 13 at the time. Im pretty sure when I climaxed only a little clear liquid came out...Umm Uh, anyway back to Carolyn Murphy. She made a sex tape here it is. There, now I have to ah um take a shower.


If I was her, im not sure what I would be more embarrassed about, the actual sex tape coming out, or the way I danced like a crazed nude monkey in the beginning... Its so bad I feel embarrassed for her.


Websites across the land have been getting threats from Carolyn's lawyer, ironically the same lawyer as Colin Farrel, to pull the tape or get fined. I say fine, fine me. I was one of the first to post the tape and I will be the last to pull it down.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Meet Alien Cruise...HAHAHAHHAA

Since im in my Anti-TomKat phase i figured I would treat you all to this new blog... about TomKay, from the view of the baby...its pretty funny..cause I made it.

Link here

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